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Explore our Greece travel guide for a safe and easy trip to our beautiful country. Get to know every little detail in advance, learn valuable tips and make your vacation in Greece and the Greek islands as easier as it can be.

This travel guide is made step by step with much care and affection by our team. We want to assist travelers by sharing helpful information and giving quick and easy tips to travelers looking to safely book their holidays in Greece. 

Even though the infrastructure in the country is at a reasonable level, combining a visit to many different places at once can be tricky and challenging, especially for first-time travelers. Due to the morphology of Greece, it is handy to have an excellent look at our travel guide before booking your vacation in Greece and the Greek islands. 

It takes a lifetime to discover greece



Greece combines +300 days of sunshine, unique history, an endless coastline, and +150 inhabited islands with idyllic views. Boasting a wide range of diversity in morphology and weather conditions, Greece is the perfect year-round destination. Get spoiled of choice with some of the most important cultural heritage sites with stunning landscapes and some of the most beautiful islands in the world, a culture alive with emotional music, fantastic cuisine, and thrill-seeking activities! Moreover, the country offers excellent travel services and options for any traveler. It is ideal both for youngsters and families with children.


Cultural Treasure

The origins of Western culture are in Greece. Step where first Olympians competed. Ascent steps forged of stone to Meteora's monasteries straddled atop towering rocks. Ponder the oracle's wisdom from the grandeur of Delphi, witness a starlit play at an ancient outdoor theatre, and be amazed by massive marble sculptures dredged up from the sea. Then encounter bold contemporary art, rebetika's melancholic pulse, and crafters making new art from traditional techniques. Greece has constant cultural quests and a calendar overflowing with festivals, holidays, and exhibitions.


Exceptionally Natural

Greece delivers no matter if you're a severe adrenalin seeker or devoted beach bum. Days melt from one to the another under constant sunshine, and a sea dotted with islands rimmed with the white-sand and pine-tree shade beaches. Get lost along cobbled Byzantine trails, walk up volcanoes, watch for dolphins and sea turtles, and cycle through dense forests. Hop on a yacht and sail into the shinny infinite blue. Wander through olive groves, picturesque villages, and lush forests. Thrill-seekers will wreck diving and rock-climbing spots with dizzying panoramas. 


Local Flavors

The main delicacies of Greek cooking are frequently recognized. Feta and olive oil are everywhere across the country. Yet, unique regional cooking techniques make traveling here a culinary experience. Flavor spices and mountain greens you've never tasted before, local staples, and fish straight from the sea. Discover Italian influences in risottos, plates of pasta, and Turkish sauces weaved into soft sweets. Explore the renaissance of time-honored recipes to a modern twist height.

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